POSSESSED by PAUL JAMES "fathers and sons" live music video

April 6, 2010-I recently got to spend some time with the insanely talented Mr. Konrad Wert of Possessed by Paul James when he was on tour with Tim Barry here in California. Luckily I had my camera with me and was ready to roll when he came to town. Here's "Fathers and Sons" played live at the Blue Lamp in Sacramneto, CA on 3/17/10:


- J C

DEMO REEL now up!

December 22, 2009-Just finished finally putting together a demo reel showcasing some of BLACKWATER productions cinematography work. Mostly shot in HD it exhibits undercranking and overcranking of frame rates using the VariCam technology as well color correction using Color. Hope you enjoy. Have a safe and happy holidays!

You can check out the BWP Demo Reel here:


- J C

TRUCKER rest in peace Little Buddy!

October, 31 2009-BLACKWATER productions lost one of the family today. Trucker was attacked by a stray dog and though he was rushed immediately to the veterinarian ER and after being in surgery for 2 hours to try and save his life, the little guy did not make it.

Trucker was an amazing dog. The type of dog that was always happy to see you no matter the circumstances. He was full of life and fire and brought smiles to everybody that was fortunate enough to have contact with him. He was a little hell raiser and always found a way to make life interesting. Truck was a big dog stuck in a small dogs body. He was fearless. Whether it be him jumping in the Truckee River in the middle of the rapids to go for a swim while I ran down the bank dropping my fishing pole and ripping off my clothes to jump in after him only to have him turn right around and swim back upstream and get out at the same spot he jumped in completely unscathed or him swimming out through the breakers at Sandollar beach getting worked on the inside but still swimming as hard as his little legs could take him to come sit on my surfboard on the outside while we waited for the sets to roll in, he did not let anything hold him back.

I know he was just a dog, but to me he was more than that. He was more like a son to me than a pet. He was my best friend. The type of friend that no matter how bad you were feeling he was always greeting you with a wag in his tail and a lick of your nose. Trying to save him put me in serious debt, but it was more than worth it. I would give up every penny to my name to have him still with me today. Trucker thanks for all the great times and great memories. May you rest in peace little buddy.

click on the picture for more photos of Trucker

- J C

TIM BARRY 'Thing of the Past' Music Video!

October 18, 2009-Tim Barry's new music video was released this week for his upcoming album "28th & Stonewall" which should be released in early 2010 on Suburban Home Records. I was lucky enough to capture him and Josh Small working on the song in its infancy on a friends porch. Using that and scene's from his 2009 tour, I think the video came together very well. I have worked with Tim on several different occasions and it has always been a pleasure to work with such a talented artist and a true friend. He is currently out on the 2nd year of the Revival Tour right now and well be touring again in 2010.

You can check out the video here:


- J C


April, 27 2009-I'll be showing some of my photos this saturday at the Parkside in San Fran. There will be several other awesome artists there, and some good ole rock and roll. Show up and show your support from some good art and great music.


- J C

REVIVAL TOUR - Fare Thee Well Ole Friends

Nov 30, 2008-Just got off an amazing 2 month long run filming for the Revival Tour Documentary. Met some really interesting people and made some great friends along the way. This tour was a such a special thing. Those that made it out to one or even those that made it out to five of the shows, knows what I'm talking about. Look for the Revival Tour Documentary releasing in the summer of 2009. This 2 disc dvd/cd set will feature Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music, Ben Nichols of Lucero, and Tim Barry of Avail with Jon Gaunt, Todd Beene, and Digger Barnes. Special guests include Tom Gabel of Against Me!, Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds, Austin Lucas, Bob Lucas, Jesse Malin of D Generation, Frank Turner, Chris McCaughan of Sundowner/Lawrence Arms among many others. Thanks to all that gave a hand out on the road!

I'll be missing that sweet hum of the tires running miles of asphalt.


- J C


Nov 24, 2008-Newest Amp Magazine features a story on the Revival Tour with some of my photos. Get a copy at your local bookstore or order online at Interpunk


- J C

REVIVAL ROAD - Music Video, Watch it now!

Oct 23, 2008-Revival Road music video now up watch it online here: Revival Road Video Also the album is out now on TenFour Records get the cd or the limited edition vinyl today at chuckraganmusic.com


- J C

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